A Warm Welcome To Humble Heart Acupuncture, Formerly Eagle Peak Healing Arts Center:

Humble Heart Acupuncture is dedicated to providing high quality Acupuncture and Moxibustion treatments to those searching to make improvements and/ or maintain their state of health. If you are wanting to make a change and bring yourself away from dis-ease and closer to balance, I want to be part of your team. The name Humble Heart is not a declaration of a state achieved or a boast of the practitioner, far from it. It is an acknowledgment of an ideal state that is worthy of being pursued, regardless of how far away one is to it or the difficulties the journey to it may bring. This is exactly like health. Is perfect health ever achieved? Is that even the goal? Perhaps not but the striving for it is absolutely worth the effort. In the process we may not achieve “perfection” but we will certainly gain a great deal along the way. Whether this means we change negative habits that are undermining our health and deteriorating us quicker, that we may learn deep seeded lessons that shape our character, or indeed our overall health does improve and we feel better. Regardless of what occurs there will be a constant ebb and flow to the cycles of our lives and the best we can do is to strive toward balance, remain diligent, and tend to the garden of our bodies and lives. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang reveals that things are never in perfect harmony and there is always a delicate dance between all factors in our lives. If you are experiencing dis-ease this is due to the fact that somewhere, something in yourself is more or less. The aim of the treatments here is to balance this, so things are as even as possible and can hold for as long as possible. When the body is functioning properly it does this job for us. It clears out excess, it builds energy to avoid deficiency, it circulates to nourish and to avoid build up, it keeps the mind clear so we can think and helps the body rest in order to repair.  We are all susceptible to this balance getting out of control, this is where Traditional East Asian Medicine and this clinic can step in to help. Through Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and hands on touch the body can be manipulated in a way to help it in it’s work of keeping balance. Of course, it is the patient who does all the work, and there is always homework to do… What you eat, what you think, what you do and how you do it all affect your health. The treatments here help you to do you better. To help you enjoy the moment and to get the most out of the essence of life. Relax, Feel good. We all have important work to do, might as well give it our best. To that aim I am here to help.

To make an appointment at Humble Heart Acupuncture please call 319-849-8622 or click here to schedule online.

Due to the current state of affairs with Covid this clinic is aiming to keep a smaller cohort of patients at a time, openings are limited. Steps are being taken to assure proper cleaning between patients and time between patients are spaced out. Every precaution is being taken to assure the safety of those who come in. Please be patient as we travel through these new and unprecedented times. May you be in health and peace through this tumultuous era.