Are you wanting to feel better? Are you interested in committing to this goal? If yes, I am here to help.

I am a licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and aim to guide patients toward their optimum state of health by treating the whole person. I do this through employing the doctrine and therapeutics of Traditional East Asian Medicine. This includes a hands-on approach utilizing Acupuncture and Moxibustion as the primary treatment technique. The fundamental theory is to treat the constitution of the patient thus improving any deficiency or weakness behind the symptoms they present with. In this way not only does the primary symptom of concern improve but many other facets of health will improve as well. I aim to create a relaxing environment that induces peace of mind while you are treated. If the patient is not relaxed how much hope is there that their body will let go of tension? My needling technique is meant to be comfortable and painless, drawing inspiration and personal guidance from top Japanese Acupuncturists. In addition to the needling, the warming and comforting addition of Moxibustion not only enhances the relaxation of the treatment but helps to strengthen the effects of the needling. In fact, the Chinese character for Acupuncture has the radicals for ‘needle’ and ‘fire’ implying that both Acupuncture and Moxibustion are essential techniques for this medical art. Due to poor marketing and explanation on our part, it is not well known that Acupuncture is not just simply a treatment technique but in fact is a part of an entire medical field once known as ‘Oriental Medicine’ now largely identified as ‘Traditional East Asian Medicine’. This means that acupuncture is a treatment technique within the field of Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM). So more properly speaking I am a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine. TEAM is uniquely and paradigmatically different than Western Medical theory. In regards to Anatomy and physiology the emphasis is on the meridian and collateral system, the organ systems, and the substances in the body, ie. Qi, blood, and body fluids. This is key to understanding and differentiating what licensed Acupuncturists are doing vs. Western medical practitioners (M.Ds, chiropractors or physical therapists). So unique and individual is this system of medicine that it stands on its own in regards to being a complete health system, it was used in East Asia for thousands of years before Western and Eastern cultures met. Of course, now we live in an integrated world and these two philosophies can be used concurrently or complimentary.  My training and schooling was aimed at understanding and utilizing traditional theory. I hold a masters degree in Oriental Medicine and followed and studies with top practitioners in the field. During and since school I have continued my studies with an emphasis in Japanese technique. While I am trained in the use of Chinese Herbal medicine at the clinic I do not prescribe or utilize Herbal or other supplemental products. My focus is on the hands-on treatment itself. People often ask when I mention I am an acupuncturist, “Is that all you do?” I respond, “Yes, that is enough.” Trust in the process and it will provide you many wonderful results.